Joanna Harrison Couple Therapy

I am a senior couple therapist at Tavistock Relationships and I also have a practice within Family Law in Partnership. If you are interested in getting some support for or about your relationship please get in touch.

Five Arguments All Couples (Need To) Have: and Why the Washing Up Matters is my new book about relationships that is coming out on September 1st published by Profile Books.

It is about the things that couples seem to me from my experience both personal and professional to have to struggle with as part of being in a relationship with each other. How to communicate, how to share the labour, how to deal with each other's families, how to talk about sex, how to manage time spent with (and without) each other. And how this all gets harder if a couple become parents. Using perspectives from my couple therapy experience and training, I illustrate and explain what might be going on when couples argue about these types of issues (and about the washing up).

About couple therapy

Therapy provides a space for individuals or couples to think about the relationship difficulties they are having. It may be that help is needed with a certain issue such as moving in together, getting married, having a baby, separation or divorce, an affair or a bereavement. There may be issues around intimacy and sex. Or it may feel less specific but there is a sense that there are difficulties communicating or repetitive arguments that don't seem able to be resolved. Sometimes couples wish to invest in the health of their relationship by having a regular space devoted to the relationship. I offer short term and long term working arrangements and though I usually work weekly with people there may be times when something more flexible is going to be helpful.

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